B9 Core Series 550 3D Printer, B9 Creations

B9 Core Series 550 3D Printer

When your business requires repeatability, precision, and surface finish with industry-leading speed and production capacity, the B9 Core 550 is your choice. Its low operating costs, networkable architecture for scalability, and ease of use are ideal for high-volume businesses where operators need to focus on production, not calibrating printers.

Ease at Your Fingertips

  • Plug and play operation 
  • Resin vats lasting over 1,250 prints
  • Wide selection of resins
  • Open to third-party materials
  • 0 calibrations
  • Out of the box printing in 15

Full Speed Ahead

  • The Fastest DLP 3D printer on the market 
  • Prints reaching 100+ mm per hour
  • Reduce post-processing time with Surface Finish Feature

Repeatable Performance 

  • Job queuing feature 
  • Multi-printer management 
  • Industrial light engine
  • $13,944.00

The fastest DLP 3D printer on the market, the B9 Core Series offers unbeatable ease-of-use, precision, and repeatable performance to help you move seamlessly from prototyping to production runs of thousands of parts. Out-of-the-box and printing in 15 minutes, the B9 Core Series plug-and-play solution offers:

  • Repeatable performance with 0 calibrations and an industrial light engine
  • Print speeds reaching 100+ mm per hour
  • Wide selection of design, engineering, and castable resins
  • Low cost per unit of throughput and resin vats lasting thousands of prints
  • Platform open to third-party materials & custom material development toolkit
  • Intuitive print preparation software with job queuing, surface finish, and FAST™ technology
  • Scalability with multi-printer management and automated post-processing
  • Free, world-class factory startup assistance and tech support
  • Return on investment in 12-18 months with financing available
    • SKU
  • Technology
    SLA / DLP (Resin)
  • Build Volume
    96 x 54 x 127 mm (3.7 x 2.1 x 5 in)
  • Compatible Materials
    B9Creations Resins
  • Auto-Leveling
  • Slicing Software
    B9Create 2.0 + FAST
  • Brand
  • Effective X,Y Resolution with FAST
    < 25μm
  • Min/Max Build Speed
    25 - 100+ mm/hr
  • Z Resolution
  • Light Source
    Industrial HD UV LED Light Engine - 405nm
  • Material System
    B9Creations Resins, 3rd Party Materials
  • Software
    B9Create 2.0 + FAST
  • Connectivity
    Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB drive
  • Printer Weight
    17kg (338lbs)
  • Power
    12VDC 5A
  • Warranty
  • Printer Dimensions
    597 x 419 x 267mm (23.5 x 16.5 x 10.5")
  • Features
    • High Temp
    • IDEX
    • Large Volume
    • Fully enclosed
    • Advanced Materials
    • Dual-Extruder
    • Heated Build Plate

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