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Envision One Series

The Envision One features patented CDLM (continuous digital light manufacturing) technology, which enables the ability for continuous printing. With little to no delay between layers, the Envision One delivers exceptional speed, print resolution, surface finish, and part properties.


Key Features:

  • High-speed continuous printing

Finish an entire 3L build volume in just 4.5 hours – 30% faster than competing systems and 10x faster than desktop SLA.

  • Best-in-class part Performance

The Envision One leverages long-chain polymer chemistry to produce strong, stable parts. The result is isotropic parts suitable for end-use applications and capable of standing up to the most demanding conditions.

  • High accuracy and resolution

Featuring patented “domeless” printing technology, the Envision One eliminates any concerns about how “doming” may impact accuracy on the Z axis. High-resolution (60 um XY) printing and patented pixel tuning technology make it easy to create fine features and smooth surface finishes suitable for end-use parts.

  • Easy to use software

Intuitive, easy-to-use Envision One RP software automates support generation and part orientation, while an integrated file repair tool patches meshes and readies the parts for print. Cloud software allows users to remotely manage the system, send jobs to multiple printers and monitor job progress, while over-the-air software and firmware updates ensure users have access to the most up-to-date tools and processes.


Envision One cDLM HT 

Envision One cDLM HT XL

Envision One cDLM Mechanical

Envision One cDLM Mechanical XL


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