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P4K Series

24/7 production of small, ultra-high resolution end-use parts.


The P4K is the opposite of other, one-size-fits-all 3D printing solutions. With a range of models available, users can choose their optical configuration based on part size, feature-size requirements and throughput, and tailor a solution that best suits their needs. With resolutions of between 23µm-90µm on the X and Y axes, the P4K can easily produce detailed parts in a range of sizes.

Designed for a 24/7 production environment, the P4K can run lights-out, with little to no user intervention required. Easily print parts at volume with the quality, surface finish and tolerances needed for end-use applications.

Key Features

Tailored to your application

Available in four models, each of which features a different resolution, ensuring users get the print quality that best suits their application. Native pixel sizes XY: 35, 62, 75, 90 um

Designed for 24/7 production

Ushering additive manufacturing into the era of mass production (AM 2.0), the P4K is designed for lights-out production, fabricating end-use parts around the clock.

Easy to use

Greatly simplifying the process of producing customer-ready, high-resolution parts, the P4K includes intuitive software and material changes are easy, taking just minutes.


Aerospace, Entertainment, Automotive, Jewelry, Hearing Aid, Consumer Goods, Education, Medical Devices, Manufacturing, Orthodontic

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