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        3DLAC Plus 3D Printer Adhesive Vapor Spray

        The package includes 1 3DLAC Plus Vapor Spray container.

        3DLAC Plus 3D Printer Adhesive vapor spray is the perfect substitute for Kapton tape, blue tape and other types of adhesives.  It is cost efficient and easy to apply. 3DLAC ensures that the first layer of each 3D print  adheres securely to the build plate surface, making sure the print starts well and stays in position.  It also prevents warping of the prints and helps avoid other similar defects. The vapor spray format allows you to take our 3DLAC PLUS vapor spray everywhere.

        A light 3DLAC Plus 3D Printing adhesive mist over the surface is enough to completely adhere the first layer of plastic to the build plate surface. Thanks to the properties of 3DLAC Plus vapor spray, while the base is hot the extruded plastic is firmly adhered.  Once the printed part cools, the 3DLAC Plus adhesive releases and the print can be taken off smoothly and without damage.

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        3DLAC Plus doesn’t glue your print down, it temporarily but firmly adheres it.

        3DLAC Plus provides a unique capability to easily remove your print from the print bed.  Rather than permanently gluing your print to the print bed, 3DLAC Plus provides a strong adhesion during the printing process and then once the print is finished and starts to cool, 3DLAC Plus releases the print from the print bed for easy removal.  Once you try this you'll never want to use any other adhesive, when fixation is  required in each step thanks to 3DLAC Plus. Once the 3D printing is finished, pieces can be taken off with just a touch.     

        3DLAC Plus prevents warping and helps ensure high print quality.

        3DLAC Plus has been designed to simplify the critical steps in the 3D printing process for print bed adhesion and print removal.   3DLAC Plus ensures that 3D prints will adhere to the print bed like no other product.  This gets each print off to a perfect start during the first layers and prevents warping during the printing process.  

        3DLAC Plus is colorless and odourless .

        3DLAC Plus is clean and odourless .  It will not stain your print bed or emit odours during the printing process. Just spray on a light coat to achieve excellent adhesion throughout the print process.  Once the print is finished and has been easily removed from the print bed, the printing surface can be easily cleaned by rinsing with water.  

        The package includes 1 3DLAC Plus vapor spray container. 

        Security Data Sheet: DOWNLOAD PDF

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