BCN3D EPSILON Smart Cabinet

BCN3D EPSILON Smart Cabinet

The Smart Cabinet (SC) completes the Epsilon ecosystem, offering seamless integration with your BCN3D Epsilon printers and maximizing their uptime. Its filament humidity control boosts your printers’ performance, keeping your materials in optimal condition, and its uninterruptible power supply protects your work at all times, avoiding the risk of losing your print job due to power outages.

Key Features of the Smart Cabinet

  • Print while in storage
  • Complete working station, tool drawer
  • Humidity-controlled environment
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Easy storage and transportation
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THE BCN3D Smart Cabinet

Supported by our smart drying technology, the humidity-controlled environment has been designed to extend the service life of your materials, protecting the filament and reducing print failure due to moisture, significantly improving your prints’ quality.

  • Protection

Protect your equipment and your work against power outages thanks to the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). In the event of a blackout of up to 10 minutes, this technology will enable the 3D printer to automatically resume the printing process once the power is back. In case of a longer outage, the UPS will save the printer’s last position, so that you can manually resume the printing process at any time.

  • Fit them all

Depending on the configuration chosen, the dehumidifier can fit up to 10 small spools (width up to 55mm), 4 big spools (weight up to 2,5kg), or 6 BCN3D Spool Cartridges -or a combination of them! Arrange your filaments in the most convenient way according to your needs, and reduce the need for loading and unloading processes.

  • Integration

Full 3D printing solution. The Smart Cabinet integrates with your 3D printers, materials, and software, streamlining your workflow thanks to its fast and easy loading of up to ten filament spools and its wheeled structure, which enables effortless transportation across your facilities.

Key Features of the Smart Cabinet

  • Print while in storage
  • Complete working station, tool drawer
  • Humidity-controlled environment
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Easy storage and transportation

Beneļ¬ts of the Smart Cabinet

  • Optimal for all materials
  • Low Energy consumption: 12 W Avg / 100 W Max
  • 8 storage slots for small filament spools (4 for big spools)
  • Prints while in dry storage
  • Humidity-controlled environment, dries without heat
  • No consumable parts

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Humidity-Controlled Environment

Designed to extend the service life of your materials, the silica gel open to the dehumidifying environment absorbs the moisture from the air in the chamber. Once it becomes saturated, the gel is isolated from the materials and gets heated up until it releases the moisture, purging it out of the system. This process effectively keeps the filament dry and in optimal condition for its use.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

In case of a power outage, this system provides 2 minutes of additional print time after a blackout, allowing the 3D printer to return automatically to the home position. Once the power is back, you will be able to resume your print from its last position.

Print While in Storage

The dehumidifier can fit up to 6 BCN3D Spool Cartridges, 10 small spools (350-750g), 6 medium spools (1kg), or 4 large spools (2.5kg). Compatible range of filament spools when not using the BCN3D Spool Cartridge: 

  • Diameter: up to 303mm
  • Central Bore Diameter: more than 50mm
  • Width: up to 105mm 

These can be loaded to your 3D printer directly from this humidity-controlled environment, therefore allowing it to print while keeping the materials in optimal condition.

Complete Working Station

The tool drawer provides you with every utensil you might need, and thanks to the extra space for your laptop or tablet you count on a full working station right by your 3D printer.

Storage and Transportation 

Maintain your workspace organized and clean at all times thanks to the ample storage space for materials and tools - and thanks to the Smart Cabinet s transportable structure, your printer can be easily moved across your facilities.

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