MakerBot Labs Gen 2 Experimental Extruder

        MakerBot Labs Gen 2 Experimental Extruder

        The MakerBot LABS Experimental Extruder for Makerbot METHOD is your key to unlocking a world of third party 3D printing materials on your METHOD and METHOD X. Easily switch between optimized MakerBot materials for guaranteed dimensional accuracy and optimized strength, and the Experimental Extruder for unlimited material freedom - no tools required.

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        What You Need to Print Metal on the METHOD Platform: 

        1) Makerbot METHOD 3D Printer
        Print metals, polymers, and composites all on one machine leveraging the most advanced features available on a desktop 3D printer.

        2) Makerbot LABS GEN 2 Experimental Extruder
        The LABS GEN 2 Experimental Extruder allows you to print more abrasive 3rd-party composites and metals for longer thanks to hardened-steel components.

        3) MATERIAL BASF ULTRAFUSE 316L | Stainless Steel
        BASF Ultrafuse 316L Stainless Steel parts combine the next level strength, rigidity, and durability needed for end-use parts and manufacturing tools.

        Download PDF file - Makerbot Metal 3D Printing Instructions

        Open Materials Platform

        Unlock your Method with unlimited materials. Print third-party materials on an industrial 3D printing platform with modular hardware and advanced print settings.

        Partner Materials

        Discover pre-qualified materials from leading filament companies to explore new 3D printing applications.

        New Applications

        Tap your innovative spirit and explore new 3D printing applications. Experiment with a wide range of materials and properties to realize your ideas.

        * Support 2XA Extruder sold separately

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