Sinterit Powder Sieve

        Sinterit Powder Sieve

        The sieve cleans the SLS powder and facilitates multiple uses of the material. Just place used powder into the machine and press the button. After cleaning the material is ready to mix with fresh powder and re-use to print other objects.

        A device dedicated to sieve used SLS powder. It cleans the used powder from lumps and impurities in just 18 minutes.

        It automatically sieves the powder retrieved after the printing, filtering out clumps and other contaminants. This is in order to achieve the highest yield from the materials used in the production process.

        • $2,590.00
        Working time18 [min] 
        Dimensions600 x 340 x 330 [mm]  | 23,6 x 13,4 x 13 [in] 
        Weight22,5 [kg] | 48,5 [lbs] 
        Maximum capacity5 [L] 
        Maximum power consumption24 [W] 

        Sinterit Powder Sieve Specification

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            49.5 lbs
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