Sinterit Sandblaster
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      Sinterit Sandblaster

      The Sinterit Sandblaster is designed for cleaning, polishing, and finishing of Sinterit printouts, using dry Abrasive Material.

      Thanks to compressed air and little glass balls (Abrasive Material), using the Sandblaster you can penetrate all of the corners of your model and highlight every detail.

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      HEPA filtration and full sealing maintain a dustless environment around the Sandblaster SLS and allow you to post-process while avoiding contact with the powder 

      Sandblaster SLS is compatible with the ATEX Vacuum Cleaner. Using a special vacuum environment, our unique system separates the abrasive and powder while also removing powder from the chamber 


      Smooth pressure regulation promotes thorough cleaning of even the smallest and most delicate prints. 

      The additional manual blasting gun ensures precision, while the wall-mounted blasting nozzle makes it possible to freely rotate objects. The low-mesh grill allows you to work with a series of prints while preventing small parts from getting inside the device. 


      Large working area: 410 x 310 x 200 [mm] 

      The industrial cabinet makes working on large prints more convenient and allows them to be conveniently rotated. The whole device is designed to ensure the most convenient work with SLS printouts from Sinterit SLS 3D printers.

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