Sinterit Studio Advanced Software

        Sinterit Studio Advanced Software

        Sinterit Studio is a 3D printing software, an essential and integral element of all our printers. It is designed for auto-nesting, slicing, and modifying printing profiles.

        Essential tools for optimized printing

        • Intuitive interface
        • Smooth workflow
        • Advanced monitoring
        • Simple to use
        • $3,290.00

        The Sinterit Studio is a slicing software created specifically for the Sinterit 3D printers, such as the Lisa series and NILS 480. It provides a smooth and friendly guide through the file preparation and printing process in general. Use its advanced functions to work with your 3D models and control the whole making of quality printouts.

        Why choose Sinterit Studio?

        The Sinterit Studio is an up-to-date 3D printing solution for those who is looking for an easy and effective way to operate the Sinterit machines. The software will be perfect for those who prefer:

        • clear interface;
        • optimized performance;
        • convenient functions;
        • assistance algorithms;
        • accelerated workflow;
        • advanced monitoring.


        With the Sinterit Studio, you can run the whole printing process swiftly and easily in just a few simple steps:

        1. Choose the machine and its revision. Set the desired powder and layer height.

        2. Upload your 3D model in one of the supported file formats (see below). Determine its position and orientation.

        3. Slice your model and check out the printing details.

        4. Observe the process of printing layer by layer. 

        Key features 

        The Sinterit Studio stands out against other 3D printing software due to the following functions:

        • Auto-nesting (auto packing). Thanks to the auto-nesting functionality, it’s now possible to automatically and optimally distribute the desired elements within the printer’s chamber.
        • Slicing. Slicing lets you transform uploaded models into layers so the printer can have clear instructions for how to print. You can also view all layers before starting the print.
        • Pre-defined profiles for Sinterit materials. All Sinterit materials compatibile with the printers have already set printing parameters so you can simply upload models, slice them and send them to the printer.
        • 32 open printing parameters. If you choose a custom material for your print, or want to change the profiles for Sinterit’s materials, you can use 32 open printing parameters to adjust the mechanical, functional, or aesthetic properties of the print. Save new profiles to use them again.
        • Model scaling. If you need to rescale an uploaded model, you can simply adjust the scale instead of changing the model in the CAD software.
        • Changing the layer height. Depending on the design, you may need to adjust the layer height. This impacts precision a little but can be useful when you need prints faster. Other solutions often allow you to only use only a pre-defined layer height.
        • WiFi connection. Pair your software with machines. Then, if you want to send models directly to the printer, all you need to do is choose the correct printer in the preset section. Send files is a snap.
        • Easy access to printing information for all your printers. All information about printing status and printers is visible in the Printers section.


        The software is available in two versions: Sinterit Studio Basic and Sinterit Studio Advanced.

        The Sinterit Studio Basic is a standard 3D printing solution working with the main Sinterit powders — PA12 Smooth, Flexa Grey. It provides all the necessary functions with fixed printing parameters. The program does not support 3rd party materials.

        The Sinterit Studio Advanced allows you to adjust 32 open parameters as well as use 3rd party materials and experiment with printing settings.

        The difference between two versions is detailed in the following table:


        Sinterit Studio Basic

        Sinterit Studio Advanced

        Compatible with:

        Sinterit Studio Basic

        Lisa, Lisa PRO, Lisa X, NILS 480

        Sinterit Studio Advanced

        Lisa PRO, Lisa X, NILS 480

        Basic settings

        Changing Layer height


        Auto-nesting + collision detection

        Advanced settings (open printing parameters)

        Scale modification

        Printing temperatures modification


        Warmup and cooldown modification

        Laser power modification


        Laser movement and geometry modification

        Skeletons (enhancing fine details)

        Pre-defined profiles for Sinterit materials

        Materials available (check availability below)

        • PA12 Smooth
        • Flexa Grey
        • PA12 Smooth
        • Flexa Grey
        • Flexa Soft
        • Flexa Bright
        • TPE
        • PA11 Onyx
        • PA11 ESD
        • PA11 CF
        • PP

        Open Profiles

        Open profiles for Sinterit materials

        Open profiles for 3rd-party materials

        Pre-defined profiles for Sinterit materials: 



        Lisa Pro

        Lisa X

        NILS 480 

        PA12 Smooth

        PA11 Onyx

        PA11 CF

        from Q2 / 2022

        from Q2 / 2022

        PA11 ESD

        from Q3 / 2022

        on demand


        from Q2 / 2022

        from Q2 / 2022


        from Q3 / 2022

        on demand

        Flexa Bright

        from Q3 / 2022

        on demand

        Flexa Soft

        from Q3 / 2022

        on demand

        Flexa Grey

        from Q1 / 2022


        The Sinterit Studio allows you to make innovations in creating prototypes and function-oriented parts for different purposes. The software provides you with all the necessary tools for successful use of the Sinterit 3D printers in small-scale manufacturing in a variety of industries.

        The program can be widely used in many spheres, for example:

        • design;
        • fashion;
        • medicine;
        • engineering;
        • automotive;
        • education;
        • advanced R&D.


        The Sinterit Studio is an integral element for all Sinterit 3D printers. The software supports the following file formats: STL, FBX, DXF, DAE, OBJ, 3DS, 3MF.

        The system requirements are as follows:


        Windows 7+ (64-bit Edition)


        2 GB or more

        Hard disk

        1 GB or more


        Compatible with OpenGL 3.0 or higher



        The price of the Sinterit Studio Software is $2,990.00, which is reasonable considering its functionality and advanced features.

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