B9Creations, Emerald Casting, 3D Printing Resin

        B9Creations Emerald Casting 3D Printing Resin

        Provides clean burnout, enables casting of thicker objects, and prints with readable detail to show the finest features of any design.

        Casts into gold, silver, platinum, and more. May be primed or painted. May be used to create RTV or silicone molds.

        Special Features:

        • Clean burnout
        • Readable details
        • $189.00
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        • Emerald is compatible with the B9 Core Series. This material works on photopolymer resin-based 3D printer platforms.
        • Non-B9 Core Series customers will need to develop third-party material settings suited to their machines.
          • SKU
          • Weight
            2.4 lbs
        • Material Type
          Photopolymer Resin
        • Color
          Emerald Green
        • Net Weight
          1 kg
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