Bambu Lab PLA Silk with Spool
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Bambu Lab PLA Silk with Spool

Introducing Bambu PLA Silk, a filament that brings a silk-like texture and a high-gloss finish to your 3D prints. Designed to enhance the visual appeal of your creations, Bambu PLA Silk adds a touch of luxury to any project while maintaining the ease of use associated with PLA. 

What sets Bambu PLA Silk apart is its unique toughness, making it more resistant to breakage when used with the Automatic Material System (AMS) during printing. This added durability ensures that your prints retain their integrity and quality throughout the printing process. 

Ideal for a wide range of applications, Bambu PLA Silk is particularly well-suited for decorative pieces, artistic projects, 3D character models, and any parts where you desire a glossy and shiny appearance. With this filament, you can elevate your designs to a new level of visual appeal and create stunning pieces that catch the eye and captivate the imagination.

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Bambu PLA Silk

Bambu PLA Silk offers a silk-like and high-glossy that adds a luxury appearance to your prints while retaining PLA's ease of use. Different with other silk filaments, Bambu PLA Silk was toughened and demonstrates greater resistance to breakage when using AMS printing. It's ideal for decorations, artistic projects, and 3D character models or any parts where you want it shinier.

silk filament

Silk-like appearance with ultra-high gloss

Bambu PLA Silk brings a silk-like appearance and long-lasting high gloss to your 3D prints, transforming models into stunning art.

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    1.75 mm
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    Pink, White, Green, Purple, Gold, Silver, Copper, Blue
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    1 kg
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    Bambu Lab

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