Bambu Lab PTFE Tube Connector (3-pack)
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        Bambu Lab PTFE Tube Connector (3-pack)

        The PTFE Tube Connector is a component used to connect the PTFE tubes between the buffer and the tool head.


        X1 Series and P1 Series

        What comes in the box:

        3 x PTFE couplers / connectors

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        Instructions for Use:

        1. Connect the PTFE tube from the buffer output to the IN (black) end, and the PTFE tube from the tool head to the OUT (blue) end. It is important to note that reverse connections may cause material blockage, so it is essential to ensure that the installation direction is correct.
        2. When the AMS is not being used, it is necessary to remove the feed tube connector from the OUT end, disconnect the connection between the feed tube connector and the PTFE tube of the tool head, and directly insert the consumable material wire into the PTFE tube of the tool head. 

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