Intamsys FUNMAT HT

Intamsys FUNMAT HT

Entry level desktop industrial high temp 3D Printer. 

The FUNMAT HT high temp 3D Printer is fully capable of 3D printing high-temperature functional materials like PEEK, ULTEM and PPSU, in addition to a broad range of engineering thermoplastics. Users can achieve 50-micron high resolution industrial quality 3D printing of the FUNMAT HT high temp 3D Printer. 

Designed for high temp PEEK 3D Printing and ULTEM (PEI) 3D Printing.

Advanced thermal system design of this 3D printer includes a 90°C constant temperature chamber, 160°C heated build plate, and 450°C high-temperature extruder with all-metal hotend. 

With its high mechanical strength, toughness, flexibility, chemical and radiation resistance, PEEK 3D printing material is great for a wide range of applications. These include applications for electronics, aerospace, and automotive industries.

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Advanced Thermal Design

Heated Chamber Up to 90°C, Hotend Up to 450°C

Smarter Design

Automatic Leveling, Filament Absence Warning 

Over 20 Functional Materials

Able to Print PEEK, PEKK, ULTEM (PEI), PPSU and other Functional Materials


EXTRUDER  -  450°C

4 high performance independent drivers ensure a high-precision and high-speed printing. Spectacular details.

Print the best performing materials

Open materials system

    • SKU
  • Filament Diameter
    1.75 mm
  • Technology
    FFF / FDM
  • Build Volume
    260 × 260 × 260 mm(10.2 × 10.2 × 10.2 in)
  • Special Offers
  • Physical Dimensions
    490 x 535 x 655 mm (19.2 x 21 x 25.7 in)
  • Net Weight
    53 kg (117 lbs)
  • Compatible Materials
    Open Filament System (most 1.75mm filaments compatible)
  • Layer Resolution
    0.05 - 0.3mm
  • XYZ Resolution
    12.5, 12.5, 1.25 micron
  • Nozzle Diameter
    0.4 mm (included); 0.25 mm, 0.6 mm, 0.8 mm (sold separately)
  • Auto-Leveling
  • Build Speed
    30-300 mm/s
  • Build Plate
    Heated glass build plate
  • Connectivity
    Wi-Fi, Ethernet, SD Card
  • Compatible OS
  • Slicing Software
    IntamSuite, Cura, Simplify3D
  • Warranty Period
    12 months
  • Brand
  • Smart Monitor and Control
    Filament Jam Warning, Nozzles Liquid Cooling System, Filament Absence Warning, Power Failure Recovery
  • Filament Chamber Temperature
    Max. 70°C/158°F
  • Chamber Temperature
    Max. 90°C/194°F
  • Platform Temperature
    Max. 160°C/320°F
  • Extruder Temperature
    Max. 450°C/842°F
  • Printing Nozzles
    2 Printing Nozzles Without Scratching, Able to Move up and Down
  • Motor Drive
    4 High Performance Independent Drivers
  • Features
    • High Temp
    • IDEX
    • Large Volume
    • Fully enclosed
    • Advanced Materials
    • Dual-Extruder
    • Heated Build Plate

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