3DLAC adhesive


3DLAC is the perfect adhesive solution for 3D printing to get a perfect first layer prevent warping.  Easy to use, clean and effective. 3DLAC is the essential adhesive for 3D printing on FFF / FDM 3D printers. It is the excellent 3D printer adhesion for all filament types.  ABS, PLA and several other materials stick very well to heated glass at regular heatbed temperatures.

3DLAC PLUS is the newest type of adhesive spray from 3DLAC. It is comfortable and easy to clean. You need water only. This adhesive spray forms a good substrate for ABS, PLA, co-polyesters and PA filaments, among others. It provides a good surface and ensures a strong adhesion to the buildplatform, so that even materials with an increased risk of warping have a better chance of staying flat.