Bambu Lab PLA Matte (Refill)

        Bambu Lab PLA Matte (Refill)

        With this eco-friendly filament created using plant-based ingredients, embrace sustainable 3D printing while providing excellent print quality and low environmental effect.

        • Matte Ivory White
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          Matte Latte Brown
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          Matte Ash Grey
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          Matte Lilac Purple
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          Matte Sakura Pink
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          Matte Mandarin Orange
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          Matte Lemon Yellow
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          Matte Scarlet Red
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          Matte Grass Green
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          Matte Ice Blue
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          Matte Marine Blue
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          Matte Charcoal
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          Color: Matte Ice Blue
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        Introducing Bambu PLA Matte, a specialized filament designed specifically for high-speed printing applications. This unique variant stands out with its matte finish, adding a touch of classic elegance to your prints. Compared to regular PLA, Bambu PLA Matte achieves remarkable printing speeds of up to 250-300 mm/s, enabling swift and efficient production. 

        By combining the benefits of PLA, such as easy printing, cost-effectiveness, and satisfactory strength, with the added advantage of a matte finish, Bambu PLA Matte offers a remarkable solution for a wide range of projects. Whether you're a hobbyist, an artist, or a professional, this filament enables you to bring your designs to life.

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          • Weight
            2.2 lbs
        • Diameter
          1.75 mm
        • Material Type
        • Color
          Matte Ivory White, Matte Latte Brown, Matte Ash Grey, Matte Lilac Purple, Matte Sakura Pink, Matte Mandarin Orange, Matte Lemon Yellow, Matte Scarlet Red, Matte Grass Green, Matte Ice Blue, Matte Marine Blue, Matte Charcoal
        • Net Weight
          1 kg
        • Brand
          Bambu Lab

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