Sinterit Dedicated Powder Tools

        Sinterit Dedicated Powder Tools

        No mess, no waste

        With this comprehensive set of powder tools, you will save both time and powder, while keeping your workspace nice and tidy. Since now, your on-print preparation could be twice as fast.

        New powder tools cover the whole printing process, from the initial startup, through taking out the printouts, postprocessing, and cleaning, both the printouts and workspace. With the service kit, you get a 360° SLS printing experience. Now there is all you need to act professionally.

        • $490.00

        LESS WASTE
        New powder tools were designed to keep the powder only where it should be, and nowhere else. It helps you save the powder. It is like getting a “cartridge” experience but with all benefits and elasticity of the independent powder management.

        It never was so easy to recover all of the powder, without additional dust or dirt. A dedicated, foldable workspace makes it effortless: easy to clean, easy to store, and super easy to use.

        Powder tools work hand in hand with the Sinterit SLS 3D printing ecosystem. It makes you work faster and smarter. Just take your powder bucket, attach the powder funnel to it and you are ready to powder in the printer. After printing and post-processing, clean the workspace using the ATEX vacuum cleaner and put the remaining powder back to the same powder bucket.


        • Personal protection
          • Protective glasses
          • Protective dust mask
          • T-shirt
          • Protective gloves
        • Powder management tools
          • Scrapers
          • Scoop
          • Brush
          • Measuring cup
        • Post processing tools
          • Large brushes
          • Small brushes
          • Metal strainer
          • Stainless steel probe
          • Metal spatula
        • Service kit
          • Trunk
          • Alcohol pads
          • Silicone oil
          • Cotton cloth
          • Spare recoater’s cord
          • Infrared heaters
        • Powder tools
          • IO Box
          • Powder Trowel
        • Powder funnel
        • Foldable tray
        • Binder
          • SKU
          • Weight
            346.2 lbs
        • Brand

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