UltiMaker Method XL

UltiMaker Method XL

Precision printing. Industrial scale. 

Print large parts with industrial-grade materials and high dimensional accuracy - the ultimate solution for engineering applications. 

The Method XL bridges the gap between desktop and industrial printers, providing a perfect fusion of accessibility and performance. Meticulously engineered to create large, accurate parts, this groundbreaking 3D printer utilizes industrial-grade materials that match the precision of injection molding. With its expansive build volume, exceptional dimensional accuracy, and heated build chamber, the Method XL specializes in creating durable and complex parts with ease.

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3D print large-scale projects with industrial-grade materials. 

Scale up your 3D printing output with the Method XL. Larger parts, increased output, and competitive pricing. Experience the precision of industrial production alongside the flexibility of a 3D printer.

Key Features

VECT thermal regulation system: 

Patented Variable Environmental Controlled Temperature (VECT) 100 thermal regulation evenly heats and controls the print environment. The result? Parts are 2x stronger on the z-axis, and 2x more accurate across the board. The Method XL also has a heated build plate for even better adhesion and temperature control. 

Extra large build volume: 

With the largest build volume of any UltiMaker 3D printer, the Method XL is the ultimate 3D printing solution for large-scale projects. Print with industrial-grade materials and exceptional dimensional accuracy without the need to compromise on the size of your parts. 

Exceptional dimensional accuracy: 

The Method XL has been especially engineered to maintain dimensional accuracy and tight tolerances while printing even the largest ABS parts. Not only does the Method XL avoid warping and layer adhesion issues, but it creates massive parts with industrial-grade precision.

Quick-dissolving supports for ABS:

 RapidRinse on the Method XL enables the fastest support removal for complex FDM prints. Create the geometries you want – in any orientation. Then watch as those water-soluble supports dissolve before your eyes.

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    • SKU
    • Dimensions (L x W x H)
      565 x 655 x 815 in
  • Filament Diameter
    1.75 mm
  • Technology
    FFF / FDM
  • Build Volume
    305 x 305 x 320 mm (12 x 12 x 12.6 in)
  • Special Offers
  • Physical Dimensions
    W 655 x D 565 x H 815 mm (W 25.8 x D 22.2 x H 32.1 in)
  • Net Weight
    56.5 kg (125 lbs)
  • Layer Resolution
    0.04 mm nozzle: 400 - 100 micron
  • XYZ Resolution
    11.25 micron for XY, 0.625 micron for Z
  • Nozzle Diameter
    0.4 mm
  • Print Head
    Dual-extrusion print head with swappable extruders
  • Auto-Leveling
  • Build Plate
    Flexible build plate
  • Air Filter
    HEPA and carbon filters
  • Connectivity
    Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB
  • Compatible OS
    MacOS, Windows
  • Warranty Period
    Standard warranty - 1 year, Method XL ESP - 2 years, Method XL ESP - 3 years
  • Brand
  • EAN
  • Features
    • High Temp
    • IDEX
    • Large Volume
    • Fully enclosed
    • Advanced Materials
    • Dual-Extruder
    • Heated Build Plate

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