Sinterit Lisa X

        Sinterit Lisa X

        The Sinterit Lisa X is the fastest benchtop SLS printer. The Sinterit Lisa X 3D printer offers lightning-fast printing, a large working area, access to numerous materials, and open printing parameters. All designed to give you more freedom to innovate more and faster.

        Exceptionally fast printing
        Build speed of 10-14 mm/h and a full bed of the most complicated shapes printed in 34 hours.

        Bigger Build Volume
        With a bed measuring 130 x 180 x 330 mm, the Sinterit Lisa X SLS printer is the largest benchtop SLS printer.

        A wide range of materials
        Nine materials, from ultra-durable PA12 and PA11, flexible ones to more specialized materials like ESD powder.

        Open environment 
        32 open printing parameters to choose from plus the ability to use external materials.

        Protective Flight Case for Lisa Pro is required for shipping ($600).

        • $23,990.00

        Faster prototyping
        Most projects can be printed in less than 24 hours, shortening product development cycles

        Top print quality
        Top-notch detail thanks to the experience and know-how Sinterit has gained in the SLS 3D printing industry.

        9 different materials: 

          • SKU
          • Weight
            319.7 lbs
        • Technology
        • Build Volume
          130 x 180 x 330 mm (5.1 x 7.1 x 13 in)
        • Special Offers
        • Physical Dimensions
          650 x 610 x 1200 mm (25.6 x 24.0 x 47.2 in)
        • Max Size of Print Diagonally
          398 mm (15.7 in)
        • Net Weight
          145 kg (330 lbs)
        • Laser Type
          IR 30 W
        • Layer Resolution
          0.075 - 0.175 mm
        • Connectivity
          Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB
        • Compatible OS
        • Slicing Software
          Sinterit Studio 2019
        • Warranty Period
          12 months
        • Brand
        • Features
          • High Temp
          • IDEX
          • Large Volume
          • Fully enclosed
          • Advanced Materials
          • Dual-Extruder
          • Heated Build Plate

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