UltiMaker Material Station

        UltiMaker Material Station

        The UltiMaker Material Station redefines material handling for the UltiMaker S5 and S7. No more DIY dry boxes, less time spent operating the printer. Just unrivaled desktop production efficiency.

        Enjoy faster, more reliable, and more efficient material management, and keep hygroscopic materials in top condition. 

        Productivity to power your business

        Seamlessly integrating with the UltiMaker S5 and UltiMaker S7, the Material Station redefines material handling – to unlock truly 24/7 production. Load up to six material spools inside the humidity-controlled chamber and smart features take care of the rest – composite-ready feeder wheels, filament sensors, and automatic switching when a material runs out. Now you can achieve increased productivity and higher-quality production.

        Simplify your 3D printing workflow

        We have been making 3D printing easier since 2011 – and this is our biggest step yet. Front-load materials in seconds, configure to your needs, and stop worrying about material storage conditions. The UltiMaker Material Station is also fully integrated into our software tools, so you stay informed and 100% focused on doing your best work.

        • $3,988.95

        Key features:        

        • Fast and easy loading: Front-facing bay for up to six materials reduces loading time to a few seconds   
        • Uninterrupted printing: Sensors detect when one material spool ends and automatically loads the next    
        • Humidity control: Intelligent atmospheric management keeps relative humidity below 40%    
        • Easy setup and monitoring: NFC material auto-recognition and seamless integration with Ultimaker software    
        • Composite materials compatible: Print parts with high strength and unique properties  
        • Limitless configurations: Keep your most-used materials ready to print when you need – Ultimaker and third-party filaments
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