FLUX Rotary 2.0 for HEXA
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      FLUX Rotary 2.0 for HEXA

      • Rubber Rollers: The Rotary 2.0 features an upgraded rubber roller, significantly enhancing the stability of the object being engraved. This improvement ensures a steady grip, maximizing precision during the engraving process. 
      • Support Module: This addition allows users to engrave on conical objects with adjustable angles, catering to various engraving needs

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      Advanced Support Module

      You decide the angle while we ensure precision. The high-quality support module makes etching on conical objects like cordial or champagne glasses a breeze.

      Skidproof Rubber Roller

      Rotary 2.0 has been upgraded with rubber rollers that significantly enhances the stability of the object to be engraved. This advancement ensures a steady grip and maximizes precision during the engraving process.

      Rotate Your Imagination

      Rotary 2.0 lets you easily personalize drinkware, kitchen utensils, and home decor. Infinite possibilities now at your fingertips.

        • SKU
        • Weight
          3 lbs
      • Brand
      • Product Size
        241 x 167 x 47 mm
      • Weight
        1.2 Kg
      • Minimum engraving diameter
        8 mm
      • Maximum diameter with auto focus
        115 mm
      • Maximum engraving length
        660 mm

      This product is not available for shipment to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico.

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