3D Printing Solutions for Educators, Librarians, Engineers and Creators

Labs and Makerspaces

Capacity & Features

Construct the optimum combination of 3D printing capacity with the range of capabilities and features needed for every application. Schools, Libraries, Makerspaces and Prototyping labs. We can assess your needs and create package that fit just right. And it can expand as your requirements grow.

Innovation Centers

Scale, Flexibility & Control

Whether you are a center for learning or a center for production, you can provide community-wide access to 3D printing with centralized and distributed control. Not just a collection of printers, but a connected platform with efficient capacity management and administrative simplicity. The recruiting advantages and educational opportunities for institutions of higher learning are exceptional. And large-scale solutions offer the flexibility of desktop manufacturing with unlimited scalability. Let us evaluate your specific requirements and build you a solution that propels your oranization to another level. We also provide installation, training, support, and ongoing expertise.

3D Printer Networks and Print Farms

Capacity & Features - Meet the new Form Cell from Formlabs

Now you can leverage robotic automation and cloud connectivity with the newest generation of 3D printing hardware and software technology for highly efficient small batch manufacturing. Whether you are interested in centralized control over a distributed network of 3D printers or you want to build a complex array of different 3D printing technologies, we can help you design the best approach. These solutions are for educational institutions that want to offer efficient central processing or widely distributed 3D printer networks, library systems that want efficient branch-wide solutions, and commercial enterprises looking to optimize their 3D printing production operations. Know where your printers are, what their status is, and how you can best allocate your demand. 

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