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  • Sinterit Sandblaster

    Sinterit Sandblaster

    The Sinterit Sandblaster is designed for cleaning, polishing, and finishing of Sinterit printouts, using dry Abrasive Material.

    Thanks to compressed air and little glass balls (Abrasive Material), using the Sandblaster you can penetrate all of the corners of your model and highlight every detail.

    • $540.00
  • Sinterit Powder Sieve

    Sinterit Powder Sieve

    A device dedicated to sieve used powder for your Sinterit Lisa 3D Printer. After cleaning, the material is ready to be mixed with FRESH powder and re-used in the next print.

    It automatically sieves the powder retrieved after the printing, filtering out clumps and other contaminants. This is in order to achieve the highest yield from the materials used in the production process.

    • $1,490.00
  • Sinterit Studio 2019

    Sinterit Studio 2019

    Along with the new Sinterit Studio we’re introducing four available software options that enable you to use new printing materials.

    Sinterit Studio is our software created to work with Sinterit Lisa and Lisa Pro. It guides you step by step through the whole printing process. Sinterit Studio is designed to make your workflow smooth and simple. From loading your model, through arranging the objects to monitoring the state of your printer until the printout is finished.

    • $1,190.00