• Sinterit Sandblaster SLS

          Dedicated to SLS postprocessing

          The sandblaster uses compressed air and small glass beads to clean the SLS prints of powder residues

          The process is clean and easy
          Clean your prints safely, conveniently – and fast

          • $1,690.00
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              • Sinterit Dedicated Powder Tools

                No mess, no waste

                With this comprehensive set of powder tools, you will save both time and powder, while keeping your workspace nice and tidy. Since now, your on-print preparation could be twice as fast.

                New powder tools cover the whole printing process, from the initial startup, through taking out the printouts, postprocessing, and cleaning, both the printouts and workspace. With the service kit, you get a 360° SLS printing experience. Now there is all you need to act professionally.

                • $490.00
                    • Sinterit Powder Handling Station

                      The new standard of powder handling

                      • An all-in-one device for cleaning, efficient post-processing and powder recovery 
                      • Compatible with Sandblaster, Sandblaster SLS and ATEX Vacuum cleaner 
                      • Clever workspace designed for all Sinterit printers 
                      • Dedicated 3D printed vacuum attachments for depowdering 
                      • Purposeful storage space – three drawers and a shelf for tools with built-in LED lighting  
                      • Built-in sieving module and a powder separator 
                      • Equipped with a 20-litre powder container 
                      • Remote control of sandblasing, vacuuming and collecting the powder

                      Set contains

                      • Powder Handling Station + set of accessories + manuals + 2 metal containers (20 [l])
                      • $8,990.00
                          • Sinterit Powder Handling Set

                            Everything you need to work comfortably and have a clean work area. This set will allow you to recover the maximum amount of powder and help you significantly reduce costs.

                            Set contains

                            New quality of powder handling

                            Supporting device designed to make post-processing and powder recovery as clean as possible.

                            • All processes in one place 
                            • Clever workspace – an ergonomic and user friendly solution
                            • Tools close to you – everything you need is always at hand
                            • Easy depowdering in 5 simple steps
                            • Super hero – not just for one printer!
                            • $12,580.00
                                • Sinterit Intertek Vacuum Cleaner

                                  Sinterit ATEX Vacuum Cleaner and Powder Separator 

                                  A perfect solution for efficient collecting and cleaning unsintered powder. The compact dimensions of the device along with high collection capacity is crucial if you have limited space. Along with the cyclone separator it will make your workflow much faster and easier.

                                  • $3,590.00
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                                      Sinterit Sandblaster

                                      The Sinterit Sandblaster is designed for cleaning, polishing, and finishing of Sinterit printouts, using dry Abrasive Material.

                                      Thanks to compressed air and little glass balls (Abrasive Material), using the Sandblaster you can penetrate all of the corners of your model and highlight every detail.

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                                      • $425.00
                                          • Sinterit Powder Sieve

                                            The sieve cleans the SLS powder and facilitates multiple uses of the material. Just place used powder into the machine and press the button. After cleaning the material is ready to mix with fresh powder and re-use to print other objects.

                                            A device dedicated to sieve used SLS powder. It cleans the used powder from lumps and impurities in just 18 minutes.

                                            It automatically sieves the powder retrieved after the printing, filtering out clumps and other contaminants. This is in order to achieve the highest yield from the materials used in the production process.

                                            • $2,590.00
                                                • Sinterit Platform

                                                  The Sinterit Platform is designed to ensure the most ergonomic workspace for both Sinterit Lisa and Lisa PRO users. Easy to assemble, robust and stable, not only significantly improves the workflow, but also guarantees good access to all the areas that the process requires.

                                                  With the wheels mounted in the platform, you can easily transport the printer to the installation site and move it for service or surface cleaning purposes.

                                                  • $490.00
                                                      • Sinterit Studio Advanced Software

                                                        Sinterit Studio is a 3D printing software, an essential and integral element of all our printers. It is designed for auto-nesting, slicing, and modifying printing profiles.

                                                        Essential tools for optimized printing

                                                        • Intuitive interface
                                                        • Smooth workflow
                                                        • Advanced monitoring
                                                        • Simple to use
                                                        • $3,290.00
                                                            • Sinterit Lisa PRO Recoater Cord Assembly

                                                              Recoater cord assembly for Sinterit Lisa PRO model. Includes one complete set.

                                                              • $65.00
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                                                                  • Sinterit Lisa Recoater Cord Assembly

                                                                    Recoater cord assembly for Sinterit Lisa model. Includes one complete set.

                                                                    • $65.00
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                                                                        • Sinterit Lisa Laser Protective Glass Assembly

                                                                          Replacement laser protective glass assembly for Sinterit Lisa model.

                                                                          • $225.00
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