Sinterit PA12 Smooth FRESH Powder

        Sinterit PA12 Smooth FRESH Powder

        Optimized for use in Sinterit Lisa or Sinterit Lisa Pro SLS 3D Printers. The PA12 Smooth v2 Fresh powder produces high strength prints that are resistant to breaking under stress and prints remain strong across a wide range of temperature.  This material absorbs very little moisture and resists penetration from fluids, oils, fuels, grease, and solvents. The product dampens noise and vibration, and can be post processed by cutting, drilling, painting or coating. Any un-sintered PA12 Smooth Fresh powder is fully reusable with a low 26% refresh rate for efficient and cost-effective performance.

        New, lower refresh ratio! 26% 

        Comes in 2kg (4 liters) plastic bottle or 6kg (12 liters) metal container.

        Choose weight:  

        • 6kg / 12 L / Metal container
          2kg / 4 L / Plastic bottle
          Weight / Volume: 6kg / 12 L / Metal container
        • $830.00
        In stock

        PA12 Smooth Fresh Powder is a virgin powder, used only to refresh powder properties lost during last print (sintering process).

        To reuse leftover PA12 powder (for the next print) you need to add 26% of FRESH powder.


        • Functional prototypes
        • Final product
        • Detailed objects
        • Complex spatial shapes
        • Temperature resistant objects
        • Chemical resistant objects


          • SKU
          • Weight
            16 lbs
        • Material Type
          SLS Powder
        • Brand
        • EAN
        • Weight / Volume
          6kg / 12 L / Metal container, 2kg / 4 L / Plastic bottle
        • Material type
          PA12 Nylon powder
        • Material refreshing ratio
          26 [%]

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